Rick and Josie

Rick sent in this great video he made for his cat Josie, “who outlasted a lot of human girlfriends but ultimately passed in 2006.” Rick, menandcats.com is sorry that your best feline friend is gone, but what a lovely tribute this is!

14 thoughts on “Rick and Josie

  1. Aww… what a great tribute but so sad about Rick’s loss… Josie Gay was a beauty!

  2. Rick, Josie was gorgeous! I have cats myself and I love a man who loves animals, especially cats! I am bewitched! Wanna get hitched?!?!?! ;~)

  3. I love this – touches and hurt the heart, but fills it again with happiness for the time spent with Josie – what a beauty. She’s in the Summerland, and is waiting for you…hug her hard when you see her again.

  4. Just beautiful and simply beautiful. I admire men who loves cats and that it shows me their sensitive side. My hubby, when I first met him was not a cat person at all. Now, we have two cats and he is always concerning for their well-being and love to play with them. Lovely tribute of Josie.

  5. I LOVE this video. My deepest condolences to Rick on the loss of his lovely Josie — how well I know the pain. But how well, too, I know the joy of loving cats. What a lovely girl!

  6. What a beautiful girl! Relationships like that never leave you. She is stalking you every day. Cheri

  7. Such a wonderful and touching video. Thank you so much for sharing. I too have a kitty named Josie. What a special relationship you shared. Simply beautiful. Michelle

  8. Josie was a beauty. Condolences froma lifelong cat loving hetero male who has had to bury a few feline friends himself.

  9. to one of the good guys…i celebrate the wonderful relationship you had with this lovely cat. i’m sorry for your loss and hope you are sharing your kind heart with another. thanks for posting such a beautiful tribute to josie.

  10. I loved this too. His father looks exactly like my own father, who died on 9/11, although not in the collision, but at home in bed as the towers were coming down.

  11. As someone who knew Josie personally, I must say that she was the sweetest kitty I have ever met! What a great video, Rick!!

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments!! Josie was one of a kind but after a year or so, I was ready to have another companion. So now it is Roxy who gets told she is the world’s best (living) kitty!

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