Men and Cats in the NY Times

As many of you know by now, was mentioned in a NY Times article about men who love cats (“Sorry, Fido, It’s Just a Guy Thing”) about more men who are embracing their love for cats. Thanks to the astute reader who pointed out my RSS Feed was broken, the problem should now be fixed – so you can stay up to date on all the latest man and cat news!


From the NY Times article: Adam and Parappa.

11 thoughts on “Men and Cats in the NY Times

  1. I see nothing gay about a man having cats. Some people like dogs & some people like cats. Now I wouldn’t date a man who has a cat because I am extremely allergic to them so it’s a health issue for me.

  2. Nothing wrong with a man having a cat. And Adam, if you’re still single, give me a call!! lol

  3. i’ve have the biggest smile on my face since all the economy-presidential troubles started!
    So glad to see men willing to be open about their cat relationships! Adam, you’ve inspired me to include more menin my cat comic book cartoon series! I imagine your social calendar will be pretty full but if you see this reply, I’d like to write characters based on you and Parappa!
    If you interested, give me an email.

  4. Parappa is beautiful. What’s that they say about our beloved companion animals resembling us? Just thinkin’…;)

  5. Found this from an online article on Slate about the NYT article…..having grown up with nothing but dogs (and growing up never having a single friend whose family had a cat) I turned to them when I got my first apartment.

    Wound up with five. While they are now all gone, I have nine in their place. Granted, I’m married now (hetero) and the wife has two dogs.

    It isn’t what the companion is (dog, cat, bird, etc.), but that you find comfort and solace in it and it finds a caregiver worthy of its trust.

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