Menandcats.com began in 2006 – because who doesn’t like looking at photos of cute men and cute cats? Men who love cats are the best!

Since then, Menandcats.com has been featured in the New York Times, Slate, Gothamist, Time Out New York, Examiner, Cute Overload, Modern Cat, and Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe & Mail. The website has spawned a calendar, a Facebook group, and we’re on Twitter. A photo from Menandcats.com has appeared (with permission from Menandcats.com as well as the photo subject and photographer) in the excellent film “Beginners“.

If you’re a proud cat-lover, you can submit your photo and story to the site using our submission form or you can e-mail contribute@menandcats.com with a picture of you and your cat(s),  your first name, your cat’s name, and a little bit about you and your cat. For all other inquiries, e-mail janine@menandcats.com.

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