Mark and Vinnie

These very handsome guys basking in a ray of sunlight are Mark (human) and Vinnie (cat). Mark’s wife says she knew Vinnie would be a part of their family when she put him on her lap at the shelter and he immediately started purring. She says, “When I first brought him home, Mark wasn’t too interested in the added responsibility. After two days, I knew Mark had a change of heart when I found a chair by the window. When I asked him why he put it there, he responded, ‘I thought Vinnie might get bored so I put it there so that he could look out the window.’ A year later, we got Vinnie a little sister. While mark loves both of his ‘children’ equally, he definitely still has a special bond with Vinnie.”

Judging by this photo, they seem to be two peas in a pod indeed!

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