Famous Men Who Love Cats: Jonathan Ames and Marc Maron

I’ve been a big fan of writer (and fellow Brooklynite) Jonathan Ames for ages – but somehow I didn’t know that he was a man who loves cats until I was recently listening to an episode of comedian Marc Maron’s podcast “WTF with Marc Maron” where Jonathan mentions the cats in his apartment, and how his landlord’s cat loves to hang out with him. Further research lead me to this photo and article from the NY Post, where he talks more about “Minimus, his landlord’s cat.”

Marc Maron himself is a noted ailurophile – he refers to his home as the “cat ranch” and he lives with multiple cats. He’s posted several videos online featuring his cats, and he did an interview with Paw Nation where he talks about adopting feral cats.

I already enjoyed the work of both Jonathan and Marc- knowing they love cats only makes me admire them even more!

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