20 thoughts on “Keith and Lyra

  1. You two are adorable, what a pair, what a catch! I’d propose to you both however my baby hates other cats (and baby comes first)! Wish I could get my baby to groom me like that – shes a rescue too.

  2. Lyra is ADORABLE and Keith is her kitten. She’s washing him like he’s her son! He is very fortunate to have her in his life. And I LOVE the adoption advocacy message!

  3. Oh my God, this website is almost like p**no for me. I love men being sweet with their kitty cats.

  4. she looks just like my baby penny! i adopted her last year and we are in love.

    hey keith, maybe the kitties should have a play date…

  5. That’s one very amazing cat who really loves his human friend. He sure is grooming him! This is a very, very special and lovable cat. What a lucky guy! You deserve a lady who also loves cats and you can get married and have a cat family! Ha, ha! Just kidding! But really, I’ve heard of people who have a dog first and then they have a baby and the dog is very motherly and loving towards the baby! It would be the same with a cat you have at the house first……….

  6. she looks like a fuller version of one of my island kitties :) and you, sir, have a dashing smile.

  7. Love to see a man be a real man, and love animals and be kind to them.

    Keith is a real man that any woman would be lucky to have.

    what a sweetie and so handsome too…

  8. Keith, what a lucky guy! Lyra is so lucky to have someone who loves her too! She wants him to always look his best.

    I love the look on Keith’s face when she walks past him and bumps him with her butt (which they love to show to everyone anyway).

    I feel the love =)

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