Let me set the record… well, not exactly straight

For all the talk about how this blog is evidence of an increase in “straight men who love cats” – I’d like to point out that menandcats.com is not just about straight men. This is a gay-friendly blog! In fact, there is a category – and there always has been since the very beginning – called “Men Who Love Men Who Love Cats.” Whether you’re male, female, straight, gay, or bi, and love cats, dogs, or any other animal: Menandcats.com loves that you love pets! Keep adopting pets and taking good care of them, and loving the humans in your life. It may sound cheesy, but that is what menandcats.com is all about: love.


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5 thoughts on “Let me set the record… well, not exactly straight

  1. GREAT! Does this mean that persons of the female persuasion who love cats, and men who love cats, can sign up, too?

  2. Hi Janine

    I’m glad you made that point; not that it was your record to set, er, straight.

    The NYTimes’ emphasized that these were straight men DESPITE their love of cats…Huh? It assumes that otherwise we’d assume they were Gay. Because…they like…cats???

    There is a strange stigma attached to cats in this country, I find. Dogs are a healthy interest cats are…weird? Any ideas as to how and why this evolved?

    Would cats vote for Obama?

    Is that the problem?

  3. I think it may have to do with cats being smaller than dogs. A big dog is viewed as being a macho pet because, well, it’s big and burly and strong, all traits that our society equates with masculinity. Cats and small dogs, on the other hand, are associated with femininity because they are smaller and more lithe. It is an erroneous assumption, of course– but, then, our society is full of those. Sigh.

    I should mention– I am a woman, and my boyfriend, who is the embodiment of all-American midwestern masculinity (e.g. deep voice, walks like Paul Bunyan, watches football, has no clue how to dress, and belches loud enough to wake the neighbors,) has been a “cat guy” his whole life. He grew up with both cats and dogs, but was always more attached to the cats. Now, we have two wonderful cats of our own, and he absolutely adores them . . . and is not ashamed to admit it publicly. When he brought Choppy (our 3-year-old cat) up from post-Katrina New Orleans, my boyfriend was acting every bit the “proud father,” showing Choppy off to all the airport security personnel and random passers-by. And these days, he’ll often brag to acquaintances about how Choppy and Tangelo (our 1-year-old cat) love to play fetch. Stereotypes are hollow, and I’m thrilled that more straight men are feeling secure enough about themselves to help break down the stigma surrounding cat ownership!

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