JR & Milo

JR had always been allergic to cats and claimed not to be a “cat person.” But when he started dating his girlfriend Rachel, she already had one cat, the skittish Wylee. Miraculously, JR was not allergic to him. Rachel loves animals and would have easily adopted lots more, but JR made it clear that he didn’t want Rachel to become “the crazy cat lady” with tons of cats. But in 2008, Rachel and JR were in Brooklyn meeting a potential PUPP client (Rachel is the founder of PUPP; she and JR are both on the board). The client had two cats, and JR made a comment that “Wylee could really use a friend.” Coincidentally, walking back to the subway that night, they found a cute, dirty, crooked-tailed kitten. Rachel says, “He was injured, and the only thing we could do was rescue this poor kitty (we carried him home in an empty Colt 45 box we found at a bodega).  We had no intention of keeping him, but after seeing how affectionate he was and seeing how well he got along with Wylee, we realized we couldn’t let him go.” They named him Milo, and JR – who still pretends sometimes that he’s not a “cat person” (Sorry, JR. I have lots of photo evidence and eyewitness testimony to the contrary) – plays with Milo all the time, and when Milo cuddles with Rachel, JR gets jealous and tries to lure Milo away and over to him!

2 thoughts on “JR & Milo

  1. Thank goodness JR woke up and smelled the catnip! Milo is irresistible, of course, as all cats are to people of at least average intellect and caring capacity. :)

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