NJ flights are delayed due to a tubby tabby

According to NJ.com, Newark Liberty International Airport recently experienced delays because “a skittish kitty lodged itself under a bomb-detection machine.”

“A woman and her young daughter had the brown-and-black cat in a carrier but when they removed it so the container could go through the X-ray machine, the freaked-out feline ran under the CTX explosive-detection device, Port Authority officials said.” The cat, who weighed 25 pounds, eluded officials’ initial attempts to lure the feline out. Eventually, they managed to lift the heavy machine and get the cat out with a “combination of the snare and a ‘hydraulic spreader’ to lift an end of the bomb-detection machine.”

And now, Menandcats presents to you, courtesy of Catpaint, what this scenario might have looked like:

One thought on “NJ flights are delayed due to a tubby tabby

  1. REALLY GLAD the tab is safe. Kudos to the airline personnel.

    And this just might be the instigator to get me to break down and buy an iPhone. “Kittenize your photos” indeed.

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