Gaurev and Bond and Shere Khan

First off, wants to wish a special, happy holiday to Sandhya, Gaurev, Bond, and Shere Khan! By special request, here’s a timely post on this merry group.

Sandhya first adopted Bond (007) with her ex-boyfriend and the cat (not the ex) became the love of her life. After her favorite feline “licked away the tears during the break-up” Sandhya met her current boyfriend, Gaurav. She knew he was special when she heard him say to Bond one morning, “Come on, double-o, let’s go out and let Mama sleep.” This man and cat became fast friends and enjoyed napping together.

Because Gaurav felt sad for Bond when the humans weren’t home, he decided they should adopt a sibling for Bond. After searching the local shelters, they adopted a female kitten named Shere Khan.

Apparently Gaurav has real cat power, because “the moment the volunteer brought the kitten out, she crawled up right into Gaurav’s lap and promptly started purring.”


Sandhya says both cats “come when called, perform tricks, and show constant affection.” Next up for this family of animal lovers? They plan to adopt a dog. I know the cats will still get plenty of love and affection as the crew grows!

5 thoughts on “Gaurev and Bond and Shere Khan

  1. Yes, agree with Alexandra 100%! And if Gauravji has a non-dog-loving clone bro, we’d love to meet him. 😉

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