Rafael and Horus

Rafael’s wife, Clarisse, sent in so many adorable photos of Rafael & Horus that I have to post more than one, so extra bonus photos are after the jump.

Rafael and Clarisse already had 2 cats when they rescued Horus, a kitten who just turned 7 months old. Horus was found alone, starving, and with an eye infection. Although the other cats didn’t immediately fall in love with Horus, Rafael did. Rafael had to feed the kitten and give him medicine around the clock – even taking a day off work and sleeping next to the kitten and feeding him every half hour. Finally, Horus got better (in time for Rafael’s birthday, no less!)

Clarisse reports, “Since then, Rafael is Horus’  ‘mother’  as you can see in the pictures.  Rafael even created a website dedicated to his kitten with videos and photos : http://horus-le-chat.blogspot.com/.” (the website is in French, so it’s perfect for those who are both ailurophiles and Francophiles).





8 thoughts on “Rafael and Horus

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww! Cute pics! And on the last one you just one to poke every spot on Horus’s tummy :-D. Horus is a nice name by the way!

  2. Rafael, Clarisse, bravo pour ce site plein d’humour. Lucky Horus, he has found the best home ever!

  3. Adorable! Jolies photos ! C’es incroyable l’énergie que tu as dépensé ainsi que Clarisse pour sauver ce petit bout de chou!
    Je suis totale fan, et émue de voir tant de bonté et d’amour des bêtes!

  4. Thanks guys. I’m very pleased to be on men and cats with my “master”. Eh eh eh eh. Giggle…
    I would really like to be in english too on my website but it seems that my “master” is a bit lazy about that.
    I’m a cat, I can understand every language. Why should not I be in englih, hu, “master” ?

  5. OMG i love this! How sweet!
    Horus! There must be some translation website you can get your master to go to!
    The picture on your homepage made my heart melt.
    lucky kitty!
    T, Kip and Petey

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