Dear Thurston,


A typical view of Thurston upon waking up

Dear Thurston, I love you beyond 100%, I truly do. It doesn’t bother me much when you poke your head around the book I’m trying to read, or drape yourself across my neck while I’m trying to sleep, or greet me in the morning eyeball-to-eyeball. I don’t even really mind when you use my rear end as a pillow and sleep on it when I’m sleeping. But Thurst, really, do you have to jump EVERY time the air conditioning cycles on? At least you’re not constantly licking your belly any more, but still, you have been living with this A/C unit for a number of years now. And when you are sleeping on top of me, and I’m asleep, and you jump 3 feet in the air, well, it startles me too.  Also, I would think you’d be used to my sneezing by now – and as I always point out to you, you sneeze too.  And yet every time I sneeze, you go running as if a volcano has erupted. Well, I guess you’ll always be my delicate, sensitive Thurston – and I will keep trying, in vain, to explain things to you like sneezing and air conditioning. Love, Cat-mom


4 thoughts on “Dear Thurston,

  1. Dude. Thurston dude. We sympathize!!! and empathize, what’s more. We know from purrsonal experience: they’re not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, these bipedal types — but they CAN be rather sweet. And we love ’em when they are. Keep on keepin’ on, Thurston buddy!

  2. Aww… our Tortie Amelie has the same “issue” but with the toaster, and the mail when it comes, and the x-box when it turns on…. she’s been in our family for 2 years now (she was 2-3 months old when she joined it) you would think she would be used to it by now… jumpy little girl who I adore more than anything else.

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