Two cats, one brain: hiccuping edition

Charley and Thurston are very connected to each other – they are from the same litter and have never been apart. I often say that these two cats actually share one brain. The other day, Charley had the hiccups (yes, cats do occasionally get the hiccups) and while I was worrying about how to help Charley cure his hiccups and googling “hiccuping cat,” Thurston sat down next to Charley and licked his head. Then Charley stopped hiccuping… and Thurston started.

“Did you see that?!” I asked my husband. He nodded. “That was so weird, it was like Thurston transferred Charley’s hiccups to himself!!” Wow. Two cats, one brain indeed. And for the record, Thurston’s hiccups subsided within a few minutes.

I leave you now with a YouTube video of a cat hiccuping.

One thought on “Two cats, one brain: hiccuping edition

  1. Borris is very handsome! and it’s shameful the way he was being LAUGHED AT for hiccuping. I hope he laughs at the woman next time SHE gets hiccups. That’ll teach her some sensitivity! 😉

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