Another kitty cord-chewer!

I was reading the blog of Tober, an orange tabby library cat, when he blogged about how he likes to chew on cords! Just like my Charley-cat, who chews on anything he can get his little teeth on. And yes, I do use bitter apple, and cord covers galore, which does cut down on the chewing – although sometimes he’ll chew on things I never thought he would chew on (like chairs).

It’s so hard to stay mad at our furry cord-chewers, though, isn’t it?!


Sometimes I get lonely when my coworkers go home for the night, and I have to find things to do to keep myself occupied. Sometimes I nibble on a plant, or I knock Craig over, or I dump Christine’s inbox into the recycling bin. . . but what I like to do the most is chew on cords. Cords are fun to chew. They feel nice in my teeth, and they wiggle and squirm so I can hunt them. But apparently chewing on the cords is a Very Bad Thing To Do.

When I chew on cords, it causes a flurry of activity around the office. Today was very exciting: Pat took the cord off of her computer and threw it away, Linda rearranged all of her furniture, and Christine crawled around on the floor with lots of black tubes. Assistant Boss Karen was frustrated with me, but I’m very charming, and she couldn’t stay mad at me for long.

Because I am in Big Trouble I am not getting any treats and no one will get my dot out for me to hunt. Most of the tasty cords have been hidden from view–at least from human view–or wrapped up in black tubes. My officemates said that I was getting a supply of cords for Christmas, which they would hide in the closet.


6 thoughts on “Another kitty cord-chewer!

  1. *woof* my parents are really mean… because bitter apple doesn’t work (yummy), they have resorted to hot sauce… little do they know, I am secretly getting used to the spicy flavor! *woof*

  2. Yes, you can buy bitter apple at pet stores. It’s a liquid and you apply it where you don’t want your pets chewing. It tastes bad to them but is non-toxic… although as you can see from comments above it is not always 100% effective, and you have to remember to re-apply it every so often!

  3. My Staff people have decided to put black tubes on most of my cords. . . but they can’t cover them all!

  4. We have a crazy cat who seems to have a distinct fetish for only black rubber cords or the grey electrical cord housing like surge protectors. I can’t believe she hasn’t been electrocuted yet after finding a surge protector cord that was chewed all they way through, with the three wires inside also chewed thru to bare wire?!!!

    It is getting pretty old turning around on a daily basis and finding another DeWalt power tool cord being riddled with tiny teeth marks!

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