Mike & Pushy

Mike says that Pushy got her name when she showed up on his front porch in Texas “and refused to leave.” Mike ignored Pushy for over a week, giving her no food and no attention of any kind, but for some reason she stuck around. Mike says, “I finally gave up and took her in. ┬áSometimes one chooses a cat; other times the cat chooses you.” He also reports that Pushy likes to perch on his shoulder and holler like a Siamese!



6 thoughts on “Mike & Pushy

  1. Hmmm. Well, all I can say is that I hope Pushy has a long, loved life as she (and every cat) deserves. Does this guy love her? I wish I knew.

  2. Of course I do. I have two other cats whom I also love, but pushy is my favorite. She’s on my shoulder as I type this… purring, not hollering.

  3. Of course he loves her! Men who submit pictures of them with their cats to menandcats.com love their felines. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it!

  4. Thank you, Janine.

    A little more info, at the time I lived in a neighborhood that was a little bit, maybe not rough but seedy and somewhat disreputable. It was considered perfectly OK for tenants to leave and simply abandon their pets, turn them out into the neighborhood and disappear.

    I’d already taken in Chinchilla, a tomcat whom I’d suspected of being a pet kitten who was tossed when he hit puberty. Chinch is still a sweety (after surgery of course), who resides with my ex wife.

    I lost that custody battle, or more correctly I didn’t challenge it. Chinch was my wife’s favorite. Along with Nelson, an enormous orange tabby. And No Nads, another “found” cat, Siamese in appearance, who likes to sit on top of doors and yell. Thank goodness, open a door too quickly and a silent cat ends up on your head. A greeting as you come near is much appreciated.

    In Texas I’d created a “cat zoo” in the back yard, all of my cats were indoor / outdoor cats but could not leave the yard.

    There was a crazy cat lady about a half block down. She fed strays, and now and then some of her strays would be attracted by the cat zoo. I have no doubt that Pushy was from the Cat Lady’s stock, saw that the felines in the cat zoo seemed to have it pretty good, and she wanted in regardless of how I felt about the matter!

    Feral cats only live a couple of years at best. Pushy is on about year six as best I can reckon, spayed and vaccinated, and obviously doing far better as a result of her persistence than she would have otherwise.

  5. aww, thanks for sharing the story Mike. Pushy seems like a cutie pie, and her persistence saved her.

    May those feral cats find protection and respect as well. Some people don’t realise that not spaying/neutering their cat can lead to abandonning 6+/- cats. :-(

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