And Boris lived happily ever after

Faithful readers may recall some time ago that I put out a call to Save Boris – the famous cat who’d been featured in the New York Times – and that my friend Dave happily took Boris in. In today’s NY Times “The Hunt” column “Where are they now?” the fate of Boris is revealed to the world (although there is no mention of’s role in securing a new home for Boris, perhaps because the Times has already covered the Men and Cats phenomenon):

[Boris] landed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with Dave Sargent, 34, an art handler who wanted a playmate for his cat, Shouyu. Like Boris, Shouyu has cowlike black-and-white markings, though his nose has a blaze, not a heart.

Boris, all 20 shy pounds of him, spent his first weeks cowering beneath the sheets, Mr. Sargent said. But now, the cats happily play and wrestle. Boris spoons with Mr. Sargent at night.

Ms. Davis intended to reclaim Boris after the six-month wait, but realized that another move would be tough on such a creature of habit. After Maxine’s birth, she feared that Boris, unintentionally provoked, might swat at the baby. Meanwhile, Mr. Sargent grew increasingly attached to the cat.

Ms. Davis and Mr. Sargent were reluctant to divulge their sentiments to each other. But now that they have, they’ve agreed that Boris will remain in his Greenpoint home.

“It made me teary” to know Boris is so happily settled, Ms. Davis said.

“I couldn’t imagine him not being here,” Mr. Sargent said. “He is such an important part of my family now.”

One thought on “And Boris lived happily ever after

  1. Props to you and Mr. Sargent, too! Yeay, Boris! and Shouyu! and thank God some people realize that adopting a cat is and needs to be a LIFETIME commitment, babies or not.

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