In NYC cat news…

A cat survived a 27-story fall from a high-rise building in Manhattan, while a man with a tree service used his harness equipment to rescue a cat stuck in a tree on Staten Island – the cat had been up for four days while his desperate family tried to get him down, calling upon all kinds of city agencies who weren’t able to coax the feline down. The cat’s owner, Richard, told the Staten Island advance “sleeping the last four nights hadn’t been the same with out his feline companion around to wake him up.”


One thought on “In NYC cat news…

  1. NO DOUBT. For those of us who know the unconditional love and loyalty (and wake-up calls, gratis) our beloved felines provide, this is a no-brainer. For those who don’t, I hope and pray they will find out and join us in a cat-loving — and punctual — world.

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