The world’s “ugliest cat”

Is this cat who lives in a vet’s office in New Hampshire* the “world’s ugliest cat?” His name is “Ugly Bat Boy” but he gets plenty of affection from the man who adopted him, Dr. Stephen Basset, and clients at the vet’s office.


*You know if he was my cat, I would have been tempted to name him “Mew Hampshire.”

9 thoughts on “The world’s “ugliest cat”

  1. Bat Boy is regal, leonine, and plenty handsome in my book. Love to him and long may he purr!

  2. I don’t see why they elected him ugliest cat. He’s special at the most, but certainly not ugly. People’s stupidity never seize to amaze me.
    May he be loved, I really wish that for him.

  3. I think he’s beautiful……I had a cat very similar in appearance without the lion’s mane. Justin had a little mohawk and and random patches of peach fuzz-like fur on his body. My vet. referred to him as a failed Sphynx…..the hairless breed. Some of them are born with random fur. My friends used to calll him the little Alien, but to me he was the most beautiful cat in the world…….

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  5. noone should say bad things about bat boy just because he’s a little diff than regular cats. COME ON PEOPLE HAVE SOME HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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