The cutest Thurston story

Thurston isn’t interested in people food, except for two things: Canned tuna and popcorn. Yes, popcorn. If I make popcorn at home – which happens rarely – he gets VERY excited and will start meowing as soon as he hears the popcorn popping, and then he’ll start acting extra-cute and rubbing his head all over me until I give him a piece of popcorn (don’t worry, he doesn’t get an entire kernel all at once, just a small kitty-sized piece of a kernel).

Yesterday evening, Thurston was in the kitchen YOWLING – which is unlike him. He’s a pretty mellow cat, and usually all he wants to do is cuddle. So I walked into the kitchen, and then I realized what the problem was: It smelled like popcorn. I opened the front door of my apartment, and clearly, one of my neighbors was making some popcorn and the smell was permeating the hallway and even my kitchen. Poor Thurston thought I was making popcorn and not giving him any! A neighbor of ours was throwing her trash down the trash chute and I had to explain why Thurston was yowling. She wasn’t the source of the popcorn, but she thought Thurston was adorable (of course). Then I distracted Thurston with some treats and he seemed to forget about the popcorn.

2 thoughts on “The cutest Thurston story

  1. I have a cat who enjoys popcorn too, not the extent Thurston does, but he’s always VERY interested when I make it. He either tries to steal it directly from the bowl or tries to knock the popcorn out of my hand when I’m taking some from the bowl. He doesn’t want to eat it, just wants to make sure I’m ‘entertained’ while eating popcorn.

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