“Teddy and Pickles” on Funnyordie.com

This video on Funnyordie.com is the first in a series to explore “the complex relationship between men and their cats.” David Title, the creator of the series, says he was inspired by his own experience as a man who came to be a cat-person by way of his girlfriend having a cat. David says episode two of the series is coming soon, so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on ““Teddy and Pickles” on Funnyordie.com


    Pickles is gorgeous.

    The guy, hmmm. Mebbe some therapy would be good. Just sayin’.

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  3. Did he say that he is a debt collection specialist? That sounds about right … Anyway, Pickles is a great name for a cat and an even better name for an 80’s hooker! Well done.

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