Switching Brains

At the menandcats.com HQ, the cats are usually fairly predictable. Thurston will generally be snuggling with me when I wake up and waiting for me on the bed when I get out of the shower; Charley will regularly wait for me outside of the bathroom when I’m in there and likes to be picked up and draped over my shoulder – but only if it’s the RIGHT shoulder, not the left.

Occasionally, however, the cats seem to temporarily “switch brains” and start acting like each other (sometimes I joke that they actually share one brain). The frightening thing is that now my husband I do this too sometimes. Usually I am always cold, he is hot… but one day he will be cold, and I’ll say “We’ve switched brains like the cats!” Recently he had a dream that seemed like a dream I should have had instead of him. Brain switching!!

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