I feel like there should be a word, possibly in German or maybe Yiddish, which means “Shame for not posting to one’s blog.”

Although perhaps blogging is now hopelessly old-fashioned? I think more people just post photos to the Men and Cats facebook group than submit them to this blog. Plus my lack of time…

I’m creating a Twitter account for Men and Cats.


3 thoughts on “Schauden-blog?

  1. It is sad how so many blogs are hanging out all sad and lonely. Facebook is great for keeping in touch, but the connections just aren’t there. Time is a huge factor, though. Sometimes it is weeks before I update my blog. I hope you will still be posting!

  2. So, what’s up? Are you accepting contributions or not. I have some super cute photos but can’t find an email to send them to as menandcats dot com is not an email but a web address. Come on, this blog is still exciting!

  3. Yes, I am still occasionally posting and accepting contributions. M. Orion, just send an email to I had it listed on the site as “contribute at men and cats dot com” as that is a way to prevent spam, it’s pretty common on many blogs but sorry if there was any confusion, I’m going to change it.

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