Long-time readers of this site know that I’m on the board of a start-up nonprofit in NYC (PUPP) whose mission is to help people by helping pets.

Well, our big update is that PUPP has officially changed our name to PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support). This change reflects a partnership with PAWS San Francisco, an organization that has been providing services to pets and their people for 24 years.

So please check out the PAWS NY website! You can also become our fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, donate, or if you’re in the NY area, volunteer! And if you haven’t already, sign up for our e-newsletter.

2 thoughts on “PAWS NY

  1. BRAVO to PAWS for the name change! When I originally saw the acronym “PUPP”, I assumed it was yet another puppy-mill or dog group, and almost deleted the message as I do not care about dogs at all. PAWS is a much better and more inclusive name. THANK YOU.

  2. Too funny – the Kittens in Autotune had my Border Collie going. She kept tilting her head side to side while listening. TOO funny!

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