New Obama Chief of Staff loves cats

Apparently, the new Chief of Staff for President Obama, Pete Rouse, loves cats. And he’s a two-cat man! The Baltimore Sun says, “CNN puts it like this: Everyone from [Tom] Daschle to Senate Minority Whip Harry Reid (D-Nev.) suggests that the key to getting on Rouse’s good side is to express interest in his cats – two loyal companions who never ask him about policy and politics at the end of a long day.” And Canada’s National Post thinks Pete Rouse’s feline love “bodes well for international relations” since Canadian “Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife, Laureen, have shared a “mutual love of cats” since they first met.” Gawker says Rouse is “obsessed with cats.”

One thought on “New Obama Chief of Staff loves cats

  1. After being a lawman all my life, at 58, I treasure my “kids” four cats who have a firm hold on my heart. I have had cats for many years and my recent loss of my dearest “Scruffy” of 17 years since his birth, ended as held him in my arms for the last time as he was peacefully given an injection. It has taken me over three months of severe depression to accept his passing. His brother “Pepper” 16, passed 6 months prior and he was never the same, but lived on for me I truly believe. About three months after Scruffy, something guided me in aroute to my mail box I never take. On the way I found two kittens at a home that need a family. I knew Pepper and Scruffy made sure I had another pair to love.

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