Somehow, my baby has turned into a toddler! And – no surprise here – he is obsessed with cats.

He loves our cats so much – although the feeling’s not entirely mutual. He gets so excited when he sees a cat – he’ll run over to them, giggle, and say “Mow! Mow!” (his version of “meow”), which will often send the cats flying out of reach. However, we’ve been working on approaching the cats GENTLY and QUIETLY and we do occasionally manage to pet them, or even sweetly kiss them (in Charley’s case). My little guy also calls out  Charley, aka “CHA-CHEY!” all the time.

He also knows where all the other cats on our street live. Our neighbor across the street has two cats, and  a yard/driveway filled with cat-themed objects, including cat planters. My guy will go up to each and every cat object and pet it, and kiss it, and reverently say, “Mow.” He tugs me down the street to the house with an indoor/outdoor cat, saying “Mow! Mow!” the whole way there. He’s delighted if the cat’s outside and disappointed if he’s not! He even kisses pictures of cats. Last weekend, he kissed a bag of cat food I’d just brought home, because it had a picture of a cat on it. “Mow,” he said after he kissed it. Mow, indeed.


6 thoughts on “Mow!

  1. awwww! Totally reminds me of me as a child. I absolutely adored cats ever since I can remember and I also frequented the homes where I knew cats lived. lol.

  2. Cats are amazing creatures. Mine had fallen off the terras from the 4th floor and nothing. I wasn’t there but when I found her, she hadn’t had not even a scratch!

  3. At first I when you said “my baby” I thought you were talking about your husband or boyfriend and this turned into the funniest story I ever heard because I can relate to him because I love cats and I’m a 40 year old grown man (err, um..who is also more macho than most men)..
    Seriously though, I see a little future, Wildlife Biologist in your little one. I say encourage it! He’s clearly an observant one outside and, as adults, we loose so much of that skill. It’s a very healthy way. Interestingly enough, cats are that way too 😛

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