India, Bush family’s cat, dies

No matter how you feel about our soon-to-be-former President George W. Bush, you might feel a slight bit of sympathy for him and his family at the loss of their 18 year-old cat, India, who died on Sunday at the White House. I actually didn’t know that Bush was a cat-lover.

RIP, black cat who lived in the White House!


4 thoughts on “India, Bush family’s cat, dies

  1. Yes, I am deeply saddened to hear of India’s passing and also that Socks, the former First Cat during the Clinton adminstration, is said to be declining, from cancer. India was a beautiful cat and I enjoyed seeing her picture in the news from time to time. And my mom and I each had Socks collectibles; I’ve inherited hers. He’s a real “hep cat”.

  2. India lived a long comfortable life RIP.
    My oldest is turning 15 now so I’m always watching him for signs of getting old. He doesn’t get around as much and is thin from muscle loss, I’ve been feeding him more to make up for it.
    I didn’t realize The Bush family had a cat, we hear about the dogs.
    Thanks jmuhj for the update on Socks I had wondered if Socks was still living or not.
    One of my five cats is a black/white tuxedo with a black marking on his nose.
    I just discovered this website tonight so I’d like to post some pics of my kitties soon.

  3. That is sad news but 18 is a good age. I’m thrilled to come across your blog. I’m a cat nut but hubby is even more so! I devote my blog to cats on Saturdays and am always looking to find a Cat of the Week, funny photos etc. to link to. Hope you consider adding me to your blogroll.

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