Hot cat!

Charley and Thurston both like a good warm spot, but Charley can really take it to the extreme. He likes to  lie directly ON the radiator when it’s on, getting himself as hot as possible – and looking mighty annoyed when the radiator turns itself off. If it’s off, he often sits right under a lamp and sticks his face as close to the bulb as possible. Charley was sticking his head under the lamp this evening – despite the fact that it’s NOT cold in here, and I am always cold, so if I say it’s not cold, it’s truly not – when my husband had a brilliant idea. We have a microwavable heat-pack that one can use to apply heat to sore muscles; the husband suggested microwaving it, putting the cover on it, and placing it in Charley’s cat bed for him to sit on. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before! Of course, we tried it immediately, and right away Charley LOVED it. Normally he’s a total cuddle-bug with his brother, but he refused to let Thurston into the cat bed so he could hog the heated bed all to himself. He looked like the happiest cat alive in the history of cats. Eyes closed, purring his head off, sitting on his nice warm heated pad until he fell fast asleep. Now THAT is a pampered pet!

4 thoughts on “Hot cat!

  1. Cats DO love more warmth than a lot of humans, so I learned. I know my clowder love soaking up sunrays and they use me as their own “hot rock” for cats! 😉

  2. Not all cats love the heat, we’ve found. We have radiators all over our house, and Linus loves to lie on them for hours on end – and . His sister Ada, on the other hand, stays away from the radiators as well as all other hot spots in our flat – on the other hand she’s not too fond of the snow we get here in Oslo, Norway:

    And yes, I too am a man who worships cats. :-)

  3. I like to see more men with cats. I think it is so rare to see men that have cats. Good for the men that have cat. Don’t be afraid to love your cats. More power to men with cats.

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