CVSI: Cat Vomit Scene Investigator

No one loves cats more than I do – but let’s face it, nobody loves cat barf.  If you have one cat, and you wake up to a small pile of vomit on your floor, you know who the responsible party is. If you have more than one cat – well, as the infamous line from Spinal Tap says, “You can’t dust for vomit.”

Since we have two cats, one can never really be sure exactly which cat did the barfing. My husband, however, claims he always knows, based on psychological profiling. I’ve started to call him a “CVSI” or “Cat Vomit Scene Investigator.” Last night, I was awakened at 4 AM by my husband, who proclaimed that a cat had barfed all over our trunk and sofa. “It was Thurston!” he told me. “How do you know? Did you see him do it?” I asked. “No, but Thurston ALWAYS sits there.  I KNOW it was him. Thurston will barf on furniture, Charley only does it on the floor.” Well, I can’t say he didn’t nail their feline psychological profiles purr-fectly. And that concludes another exciting episode of “CVSI: Cat Vomit Scene Investigator.”

12 thoughts on “CVSI: Cat Vomit Scene Investigator

  1. In THIS multi-cat family, there’s only one thing for sure: Nature’s Miracle JUST FOR CATS gets it out. Purrformance guaranteed. 😉

  2. I’m with your husband on this one. We have three cats and they all puke in different ways. One kind is like sloppy oatmeal; one is almost dry and comes out tubular; and the other tends to be just bile. 90% of the time this system tells me which cat gets the stern lecture (but always cuddles afterwards).

  3. Have you ever tried feeding your cats human-grade food (e.g. Weruva, Wellness, Innova, etc.)? I have two cats, and they RARELY vomit– maybe once or twice in an entire YEAR. I definitely think it’s because I feed them human-grade brands. Give it a try– you may not need to be a CVSI afterward!

  4. I’m with Invariant Memory on being able to determine the culprit based on “content”. Also, I have one cat who always barfs in threes. If there’s a trail, I know who it was.

  5. Oh my gosh. Too funny. I have four cats and I sooo know what he means. Although rarely there is the time where the cat barf cannot be identified – so I ask the culprits, but they refuse to rat each other out!

  6. vomit’s not so bad till you step in it (in the dark)
    squish it and then can’t walk another step;
    cause you’ll spread it around the house.
    cats do vomit (part of their metabolism) and they get fur balls to vomit up.
    try furball remedy and talk to your vet.
    cats are worth cleaning up occasional vomit.
    i love them and I’m a male.

  7. Has anyone else ever woken up to the smell of eau de seafood and the sinking sensation of liquid running down your forehead?

  8. I have the perfect pair of cats – one vomits, the other one eats the yummy warm squishy food pile!

  9. Oh Carol….ewwwww! You poor thing!

    I agree you can tell who barfed by what it looks like. Although 95% of the time it’s my male cat, usually hair (not necessarily his own) or he eats too fast. Nice.

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