Dear Charley and Thurston,

It’s your eleventh birthday, and your cat-mom is preparing to become mom to a human being for the first time. Your cat-dad and I are sure that our son will be a cat lover, since both of us love cats so much – and I think he can hear and feel you purring when you’re using my bump as a pillow. We have no doubt that you will love your new “brother” since you are both such sweet and gentle cats. Thurston, you’re my “cat-dog” who greets people at the door, fetches (fake mice), and sleeps right next to me every single night. You¬†already accept kisses on the nose from our nephew and love every person you’ve ever met. Charley, we know when there is too much human activity you’ll go find a secret hiding spot and take a nap like you usually do when there are too many humans around. You guys have never bitten, scratched, or so much as hissed at a human being. And why should you? You’re both totally pampered and content, and you get along so well with each other, having never been apart since you were born. So although we’re all in for some big changes pretty soon, we know you’ll do great.


Your cat-mom

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