Daisy and Shelby

A Men and Cats reader submitted this sweet post about the man and cat in her life:

Daisy is mine and Shelby’s, my fiancé’s, 6 month old brown striped kitten. We rescued her from an abusive home when she was about 6 weeks old. I wanted a little kitten for myself to take care of and keep me company. But Daisy immediately took a liking to Shelby by snuggling in his lap and following him around. I’ll admit I was jealous especially since I was always the cat lover in the relationship. He had never really liked cats too much before and was more of a dog person, but daisy was different. She is truly man’s best friend! He loves her so much and she shows the same love back to him. Everyday when he leaves for work, she waits on the couch right next to our front door for him to kiss her goodbye. Then she cuddles up for a nap and waits for him to come home. When he arrives home, there she is at his feet welcoming him home for the night, then she jumps up on his chair and waits for him to snuggle with her. At bedtime, she cuddles in between us purring and when we wake up, she is in one of our faces purring waiting for us to get up. Daisy is such a special kitty, and she has made our little family complete. Shelby has been happier since we got her, if he is angry or having a bad day Daisy always tries her hardest to cheer him up. I never expected that Shelby would have grown so close to Daisy, but sometimes the most unlikely relationships turn out to be the best ones.

George & Spooks

Menandcats.com reader Debra submitted the following guest post. So sweet, and yay for tuxedo cats!


Spookie-bear was our “gentle giant,” a muscular Tuxedo cat who absolutely adored George. Every evening, as George would prepare to work at his Mac, Spookie-bear would wait by George’s chair as he set up his workstation; then with a polite “Mrrrp?” he’d wait for George’s invitation, “Hey Buddy, want to come up?” Spookie would leap up to George’s lap, then sit quietly for hours, gazing into the Mac while George worked on illustrations; George’s right hand manipulating the light pen, his left hand gently wrapped around Spookie’s chest. It was my favorite view, to stand quietly at the studio door and gaze lovingly at my two favorite guys.