As a proud cat-lady, I am happy to wear clothing and accessories adorned with cats, although I do tend to keep it on the subtle side. However, what about men’s fashion for men who love cats? Might I suggest the following for your sartorial needs:

OK, so those sneakers come in women’s sizes too… and yes, I do own a pair.

A new look

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The Colonel

My husband was watching “Morning Joe” this morning while I was getting dressed, and he ran over to me to tell me the most important item of the morning from the show. Namely, that Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough has a cat, The Colonel, who visited the set. The Colonel (great name) is a grey kitty, and is very cute. Now I know I can add Joe Scarborough to my list of famous men who love cats!




Tom & Schutzmeister

This user-submitted post comes from Tom, who says “Since I was single last valentines day and everyone had a date, I decided to date Schutzmeister.” And Schutzmeister says “Look human! A balloon!” What a cute kitten, and hilarious name.

PS – I’m glad everyone is using and enjoying the user-submitted post feature!