Charley, 1999 – 2017

I’m reviving this long-dormant website for a moment to eulogize my cat, Charley. Charley

Longtime readers of this site know that I adopted two cats, Charley and Thurston, shortly after they were born in December 1999. Thurston passed away in 2013. This past Sunday, I awoke to find out my Charley cat had passed away peacefully in his sleep. He made it to a whopping 18 years old.

Charley was a tuxedo cat who was very mischievous in his younger years. He chewed through cords, he scaled the highest heights, he chased toys around, and he once caught a mouse. He also loved nothing more than to snuggle with his cat-brother. Charley could be slow to warm up to people, but once he warmed up to you, he was affectionate and would purr loudly the second you touched him.

In the past few years, Charley had to adapt to a lot of changes. We had a human baby, we moved, and then Charley’s brother died. We debated for a long time about whether to add another pet to the household, and earlier this year, we got a puppy. We got the puppy in July, and by November, Charley had decided they could be good friends. Suddenly,  he was drinking out of the dog’s water bowl while the dog ate his food. He teamed up with the dog to beg me for pieces of chicken. When the dog ate a dog biscuit, Charley ate the crumbs. We even installed a special gate with a cat-sized opening, so Charley could come and go as he pleased but still have a dog-free space (and the dog wouldn’t steal his cat food). He started sleeping on the dog’s bed, and I thought that soon they’d be snuggling together by the fire. Over the past few weeks, my son would regularly have Charley on his lap and the dog next to him; or I’d have Charley on my lap with the puppy at my feet.

I miss Charley already. It’s the end of an era – it feels so strange for me to suddenly not have a cat in my house, after living with cats for the past 18 years. On that note, this will most likely be the last time I post to this website, but the archives will live on. I started this site in a time before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr were around. At this point, I think it’s outlived its original purpose. I almost produced a Men and Cats book and a Men and Cats calendar, but neither project came to fruition. Others subsequently did produce such books and calendars, even though this website was the first project to really celebrate men who love cats, as far as I know.

Thanks to everyone for all your years of support and for those who contributed, I am honored that you chose to share your photos and stories with me and the audience for this site.

Please pet your cats for me.




Jim and Petunia

Thank you to Men and Cats reader Kristi, who submitted this post on her man-cat combo Jim and Petunia. They look so cozy together!


“This is my husband Jim and our cat, Petunia, who came to us as a stray. I think it’s fair to say she worships him! And, he loves her right back. Every night they have this ritual of snuggling before bed. It’s adorable.”

Matt and cat 


This is my friend Matt and his brand-new kitten – so new he doesn’t even have a name yet. Some ideas for the name are: Kit-Kat, Oreo, Jack, Vader (can you tell some of these came from a 5 year old?) and Plato.  

Happy National Cat Day!


Happy National Cat Day, feline fans!

As a self-described “cat yenta” I can’t begin to tell you how many feline-human matches I’ve helped facilitate.

And of course, I have my very own, beloved, crazy tuxedo cat. I’ve cleaned up tons of cat poop and oceans of cat barf. He’s chewed through eight million cords. He’s always getting in the way of reading a good book. He sleeps on my head. He yanks on my hair while I’m sleeping. He yowls at me for food. He hides in the deepest recesses of the closet…. and I love him to pieces. He’s my constant companion. He purrs the second I touch him. He hops onto my lap the moment he has a chance. He nuzzles my hand. He head-butts me. He caught a mouse once. He’s been with me through everything from death to birth and everything in between. He’s 15 years old, and although he’s a skinny old dude, he’s still got plenty of pep.

Ryan and Icarus


This user-submitted post comes from Ryan. I absolutely love the name he gave his cat, Icarus, and his reasoning behind it. I can relate because my cats used to be fetchers and climbers in their younger years!

RyanIcarusIcarus was adopted a few months ago from a PetsMart in Sacramento. He is so named because the first thing he did upon being let out of his box was attempt to climb onto the stove, ascending to a dangerous height like his Greek namesake.

He plays fetch and is fond of dropping his toy on my face several times a day.

I like this picture because even though (or because) it’s blurry, I look happy, and I am wearing my best shirt.