Happy National Cat Day!


Happy National Cat Day, feline fans!

As a self-described “cat yenta” I can’t begin to tell you how many feline-human matches I’ve helped facilitate.

And of course, I have my very own, beloved, crazy tuxedo cat. I’ve cleaned up tons of cat poop and oceans of cat barf. He’s chewed through eight million cords. He’s always getting in the way of reading a good book. He sleeps on my head. He yanks on my hair while I’m sleeping. He yowls at me for food. He hides in the deepest recesses of the closet…. and I love him to pieces. He’s my constant companion. He purrs the second I touch him. He hops onto my lap the moment he has a chance. He nuzzles my hand. He head-butts me. He caught a mouse once. He’s been with me through everything from death to birth and everything in between. He’s 15 years old, and although he’s a skinny old dude, he’s still got plenty of pep.

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