Win and Felix

Win’s fiance, Leen, sent in this pic of Win and their cat, Felix. She says that Win is normally “stoic, no-nonsense, and serious” but “melts at the sight of adorable, helpless kittens!” Leen described Felix as a hyperactive, talkative tuxedo cat with a trademark bug-eyed expression. Wow!! Felix sounds, and looks,  just like my own bug-eyed, talkative, always-chewing-on-everything, totally-nuts-but-I-love-him completely tuxedo cat Charley.


Win and Felix


And, for comparison’s sake, Charley:


2 thoughts on “Win and Felix

  1. What ADORABLE guys. All 3 of ’em. 😉 Our family has TWO tuxes. Both girls. Both silly as can be. Love those felines!

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