When kitty goes potty

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This article in the Wall Street Journal delves into the hot topic debate: To toilet train or not toilet train your cat?

This method is not for our household, since the author says “A contraption that fits in the toilet will likely mean giving up one of your bathrooms while kitty is being trained.” Uh, in my case, that would mean giving up my ONLY bathroom, and while I do love my cats, I’m not ready to stand in line for the bathroom behind them, or give my toilet over to them completely. Then what would I use – a litterbox?!

Have any menandcats.com readers tried to toilet train their cats?

8 thoughts on “When kitty goes potty

  1. No, but one member of a friend’s furmily took it upon himself to do this, all by himself, without any training or even encouragement. How amazing is that, I ask you!

  2. We haven’t but have definitely considered it….most likely won’t until we have more than one bathroom.

    And i love the term ‘furmily’!!

  3. I’m waiting for the old cat to … no longer require a litter tray, then I’m training the young cat, while she’s still bouncy. (We have a “spare” loo out back in the laundry, that’ll do.)

  4. Well, one of our cats, Shiva, drinks the toilet’s water… and even if we’ve 2 bathrooms at home, I think it’ll be difficult to teach that method to 3 cats ! Fortunately, they can go outside so the litterbox isn’t so smelly (and expensive).
    I’ve just found an interesting link about this method (sorry, it’s in french but you can click on the links, all in english!) : http://www.abyssin-somali.com/pages/quotidien/tt.php

  5. I knew some cats were indeed toilet trained, but I thought it was quite uncommon. From this post it seems as if it’s not as uncommon as I once thought! I would love to train my Kenzie to do such a thing. She is already fascinated by the toilet, and loves to put her paws up and watch my man pee (to his frustration). Success stories and tips on how to toilet train would be so beneficial. How handy it would be to not have a litter box anymore! I even have an extra bathroom. I don’t even know where to begin this process….

    helpful post!

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