When Cats Attack, When Men Love Cats

A menandcats.com reader tipped me off to this video, where ABC’s Dan Harris complains that his cat, Steve, attacks him – but actually it’s a video about his love for Steve. At one point, though, he asks “Is it weird for men to like cats?” Why on earth is this even a question in anyone’s mind?! Of course it’s not weird! He says some of his colleagues give him hard time about his cat-love. Remember, Dan: Real men love cats! Stay strong.

2 thoughts on “When Cats Attack, When Men Love Cats

  1. There you go! ;-p

    There’s a guy you couldn’t doubt he loves cats:

    You may have heard of it, if so, I’m sorry for the repeating. I’ve learned about it with an ad on CuteOverload.com .

    It’s a great thing that there are guys like him, only they are too few and makes them having to bear much more than they can. We need more people like him. Throughout the world.

    Ho, perhaps you could put a link towards this on your blog: http://www.animalsmatter.org
    You’ll see why when you get to it. :-)
    Thank you, thank you (very much!)!!! :-)

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