Tom and his six cats – yes, SIX cats. gets many submissions of men who love cats – men who share their life with a feline friend, often two, occasionally three. But six!!! Never have I received a submission from a man who lives with six cats.

Not only does Tom share his life with six furry pals, he has a blog, wrote a book called Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man and has written a newspaper article about his unabashed love for cats. Tom, you and your six cats are absolutely adorable. You are the cat-loving man of the week at!


13 thoughts on “Tom and his six cats – yes, SIX cats.

  1. I always thought that if you owned more than three cats, you instantly became “that person with all the cats”… lol.. Guess he doesn’t care!

  2. I had eleven at one point; they just kept showing up on the doorstep. It’s hard to pay proper attention to more than about eight or so, I think. My current family numbers three.

  3. I have nine. One could say that our house, my family, have nine, but the truth is they really belong to daddy.

  4. Judd & I live with and am owned by 8 cats. 5 of them live in our bedroom, 2 in the guest room and 1 ornery girl who lives in our home office. To be fair, 2 of them (one in the guest room and the one in the office) are foster cats, but they are here on a permanent basis as no one else could handle them!

  5. I have 5 cats and wouldn’t trade them for anything. My Mrs. is allergic but we keep her separated from the cats. It all works out somehow.

  6. What a beautiful photo – they look gorgeous, and having read ‘Under The Paw (highly recommended!!), it’s good to see them all ‘for real’! We have 5 cats and love them all so much and couldn’t imagine life without cats.

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  8. Hi i have 4 cat and 6kittens and i love them all. My partner said that a bloke who loves cats has real soft side

  9. I am owned by six cats. Three I got from my ex wife and three more I inherited. They are a joy but I do have to clean the litter boxes a lot!

  10. I have 8 cats on my property, 6 in my flat at the moment. Nice to know there’s men out there who love cats! Maybe one day I’ll find someone who doesn’t have to ‘put up with’ all of mine =)

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