The cutest kitties in METAL

My husband loves all kinds of music, including metal. Recently, we were in a bookstore and he picked up the latest issue (Dec. 2009 – issue #62) of Decibel, a metal magazine, and turned to me and said, “You are going to FREAK OUT.” He opened the magazine and showed me a spread called… The Cutest Kitties in Metal. I did, in fact, proceed to immediately freak out. There are seven pages of metal dudes with cats. So whether you’re a fan of metal or just cats, I urge you to pick up the latest issue of Decibel. The photos aren’t on the magazine’s website, but they gave me permission to post a couple of them here, so here are two of my favorites – although, really, I just love them all. Get the magazine to see all of the photos!



6 thoughts on “The cutest kitties in METAL

  1. Well, I’m no fan of any kind of rock, and that second guy looks really nasty; but the CATS are great, and I’ll take your word on the rest of the pages…

  2. I LOVE your website! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been looked down upon by men (and some women) b/c I have 2 cats. I’ve heard everything from “I thought only ugly girls had 2 cats”, to being called “crazy cat lady”.

    I kindly explain to them that I have 2 cats b/c it would suck to think you were the only one of your kind to exist in this universe. If I had any animal, I would get another one so it wouldn’t be lonely.

    I think I may send this link to any male who assigns a stereotype to me in the future :)

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