Steve, Dexter, and Celia

Steve’s wife, Mary, submitted these lovely photos of Steve with their cats Dexter (the grey tabby) and Celia (the black tabby). Dexter and Celia are littermates who were adopted from the ASPCA as kittens and are now nearly three years old. Not only do I love tabby cats, and adopting two cats who are littermates, I also happen to be especially fond of men named Steve! It’s true – my father’s name was Steve, and I rarely meet a Steve I don’t like.



7 thoughts on “Steve, Dexter, and Celia

  1. I love the pix! Both your husband Steve and the cats are lovely. Dexter looks like my Prinze and they’re both so cute. I work with Flora and please feel free to send me cat stuff. I just love them.


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