Soldiers rescue kittens in Afghanistan

From Jezebel comes adorable photos and a warming tale about marines and cats from Afghanistan:

“Brian Chambers, Chris Berry and Aaron Shaw have adopted kittens they found while on duty – and sent them back to the States to wait for them with the marines’ families. Says Chambers, ‘At only 3 weeks old, their mother had disappeared and they were left alone to live rough and fend for themselves like the other cats in this area. We looked after them both and they lived in a box in the office, after a week they were allowed to roam around during the day and sleep with us in the hooch at night.’ “

Go to Jezebel and Unique Scoop for the full story & more insanely adorable pics…

2 thoughts on “Soldiers rescue kittens in Afghanistan

  1. Yes, these are miraculously fortunate kittens — at three weeks old, not even weaned yet, but Afghans are tough, kittens being no exception. There is a Facebook group dedicated to helping some of these lucky cats get to reunite with their foreign military caregivers back in their homelands, as well.

  2. It would be super if these soldiers could be featured in the 2011 ‘Men and Cats’ calendar.

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