Six-toed cat cam!

I purred with delight when I saw this commercial for the first time today featuring a “six-toed cat cam!” I immediately thought the cat must be a reference to author Ernest Hemingway, a famous resident of the Florida Keys (and one of the most well-know ailurophiles) who owned a six-toed cat. My suspicion was confirmed by this website about the ad campaign, which states “the copper-colored feline is a direct descendant of the six-toed cats once owned by world-renowned author and former Key West resident Ernest Hemingway.” In fact, Key West is the location of the Hemingway Home, where over 60 cats still live.

3 thoughts on “Six-toed cat cam!

  1. I was in Key West for work last year around this time, and I’ll go back. Every time I sat down with my laptop outside to work, a cat found me. And they were all neutered. It was wonderful.

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