Save Boris!

As regular readers of this site know, I love cats and I love Brooklyn. So I subscribe to Brooklyn Based, and get regular e-mails about happenings in my favorite borough. Today’s e-mail included a plea to “Save Boris”. Intrigued, I clicked through to discover that Boris in fact a cat – and not just any cat, a famous cat who’s been featured in the New York Times.

So why does Boris need saving? Well, his cat-parents are moving to England, which requires a lengthy stateside quarantine for Boris that his humans can’t complete in time for their move. So Boris needs either a permanent home or a foster home for 7 months while he completes the quarantine period. Look how cute Boris is. How can you resist? I would take him myself if I didn’t already have two cats (who would be greatly upset by the presence of another animal). If you want to adopt him, e-mail


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