Pierre and Splat, Socks, and Nuala

According to his wife, Margs, Pierre is “the kind of man who curls himself around his cats rather than disturb them, and if we’ve run out of their dry food he’ll go out in the middle of a thunderstorm to get more.” Two paws up, Pierre! Margs says there are a lot of pictures of Pierre and the cats snoozing – so take a peek at Pierre and Splat (the oldest cat at 14), Socks (the alpha male), and Nuala (the baby).
Oh, and Margs says Pierre is also “an awesome husband, he is just as caring with the human in his life.”

5 thoughts on “Pierre and Splat, Socks, and Nuala

  1. Splat (!), Socks, and Nuala are lovely felines. As for Pierre, I keep wondering where his multi-cultural Left Coast counterpart may be…

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