Phil and Prada

This is Phil and Prada, one of the four cats Phil and Cindy have in their household.

Cindy brought back four cats from Indonesia in 2008 – Prada, Vuitty (both named after famous designers), Abe, and Gila (which means “crazy” in Indonesian). After being rescued from the lives of street cats, these four cats “all now live the life of luxury in our house with many great sleeping spots” according to Cindy. She says Gila is so attached to Phil that she cries at the window when he is outside and will run to greet him when he comes home.

Cindy says she’s thankful that “Phil was generous enough to welcome me into his house with my beautiful Indonesian furniture AND my four cats!” Sounds like he is lucky to have such a wonderful, caring partner who would rescue four cats and give them a great home!

2 thoughts on “Phil and Prada

  1. Hi Cindy, I’m from Indonesia too. Currently I life in Arlington-TX with my 2 cats, Cantik and Miami. My husband rescued Miami from a truck stop in Miami adn we got Cantik from Toledo OH ASPCA. Glad to know your husband love cats too :)


  2. Yep, Phil IS a lucky man. Four cats is a nice little family. Thanks to Cindy and Phil for loving and rescuing cats! 😉

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