Pet Food Recall

I’m sure by now, many of’s loyal readers are aware of the pet food recall going on. The recall covers mainly store brands of pet food, and wet food only. Click on the link above to check if your brand/type of pet food is part of the recall. hopes your household has not been affected!

2 thoughts on “Pet Food Recall

  1. Universal Press Syndicate’s Pet Connection created a blog entry that they are updating regularly about the situation.

    Here is what they say:

    “I’m a contributing editor at Universal Press Syndicate’s Pet Connection, and we have created a central information area about the pet food recall. While we’re still investigating this, it’s apparent to all of us that many more pets have died and been made ill than are currently being reported – particularly cats. We have set up a database to receive reports from owners of affected pets, and are also interested in talking to vets who have treated them. We’ll have more information on Monday.

    Please visit petconnection for up to date information or if you have a pet who became ill from eating recalled foods.

    Christie Keith
    Contributing Editor, Universal Press Syndicate’s Pet Connection

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