Orange Tabby in Brooklyn Needs Good Home

This just in from a friend of mine. If anyone wants to adopt an orange tabby, send an email to (Menandcats HQ is already filled up with cats). Just look at that face!

Last night, Ken came home and a cat found him on the street. He’s in our bathroom right now. He’s super cute (pictures attached), thin, young, healthy teeth, definitely not a stray. He purrs like crazy and demands you to pet and hold him. We already have two cats that I am allergic to, and we just can’t take another one. Do you know of anyone who might want to take him in? I will take him to the vet today just in case, to check him out. We really can’t keep him, so if anyone, if you’re still reading, has any suggestions as to what I should do (Do you know of any “good” shelters I could take him to? Any other alternatives?), please let me know.


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