One thought on “NYT Blog Essay: A Man and His Cat

  1. Our “companion animals” are just that, and more; ever so much more – ex: the myth that cats are aloof? Aloof to uppity strangers, yes, who they perceive, at the twitch of a whisker, to be uncaring and lacking in the compassion department. Sir, it was a bittersweet pleasure to read your full article. My tuxedo – boy, Spookie, developed diabetes in 2001 – the Vet gave him an Rx for PZI insulin, which (at the time) was manufactured by Pine Pharmacy in Niagara Falls, NY. The Vet also gave Spookie 6 months to a year to live. Spookie stayed with us until 2006; every day, I gave him his tiny injection of PZI. We moved from NY to FL to ME – and throughout those years, I had his PZI shipped to whatever current address we lived. Spookie finally succumbed in November of 2006. His beloved little body was laid to rest under a small grove of ancient apple trees, in Maine. Therefore, Sir, your “tail” of unbounded Kitty-Love is warmly appreciated by this Cat Loving Mom.

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