Oh no! I just found out that Kitty Kong has been discontinued!!

I have a hard enough time finding this toy as is, but I went to a pet store that usually stocks it and they were out. When I asked if they had any more Kitty Kongs I was told they were discontinued. This is unfortunate – as Charley, aka “the black and white menace” (among other nicknames), loves to chew on things… very odd for a cat, I know. Charley is an infamous wire-chewer. Kitty Kong is not only his favorite toy, but he is less likely to chew through my cell phone charger, my i-pod charger, my i-book charger, my lamp cord, etc. if he has a Kong around (yes, he has actually chewed through all of the above items – several times, in some instances).

I found some Kitty Kongs online and stocked up. But still, a future with no Kitty Kong?! I tried to call the manufacturer, Kong Veterinary Products, but their number is out of service.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to convince Kong to start making Kitty Kong again, please let me know!

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