Neko the Cat

Look at this adorable tabby cat who looks like she’s about to enjoy a nice martini! Neko – named after the singer Neko Case  – lives with her human, Eric.  Eric got Neko about 6 months ago and says, “She came into my home in the midst of the combined stress of a break-up and law school final exams.  She likes sitting on my casebooks when they’re open, watching me drink martinis, and digging her claws into my back when she’s hungry in the morning.  I’m proud to be a straight male cat owner, and only regret that I didn’t get a cat sooner!”


8 thoughts on “Neko the Cat

  1. She is so adorable!!

    I have been a cat lover all my life and she reminds me of a tabby I adored… and I love the redundance of the name, given that neko, is japanese for cat.

    Have you considered entering a contest?

  2. Gorgeous kitty. My cat loved to sit on my casebooks when I was in law school too. I think it was a combo of the natural feeling of the paper, which cats love, and his desire to dominate my attention!

    Btw this is a cute blog. You should have a singles section for women seeking non-feline-phobic men. 😉

  3. Me too, Eric. Now that you’re under Neko’s spell, though, you can make up for lost time. PS Cats LOVE friends of their own kind, too!

  4. My name is eric. I too have a cat named neko. He is a siamese and likes to wrastle. His favorite food is turkey.

  5. Neko means Cat in Japanese, so you have named your cat.
    Cat the cat. Still cool cat :)

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