My favorite store cat

Bookcourt has long been my favorite book store – they have a great selection, free readings, friendly staff, a convenient location, reasonable hours… the list goes on. It’s hard for me to resist buying a book whenever I walk by or go in (my husband and I are hopeless book addicts… I try to use the library, but Bookcourt gets to me). A while back, they expanded, which delighted me. Then I found out they had acquired a cat! I was told that the cat’s name is Francis, and he appeared one day during renovations. First the mice came, then the cat. Francis, an adorable tabby, made himself useful chasing the mice away, then ingratiated himself with the folks at the store, and then the customers. He’s now a permanent fixture, often found lounging on the books or walking around getting petted. I’d been meaning to blog about Francis for a while, but Racked beat me to it, in their wonderful “Store Sidekicks” series. At any rate, I hope Bookcourt and Francis have many more happy years together!


2 thoughts on “My favorite store cat

  1. Francis is a very handsome tiger-y guy and I’m glad he’s found a good place to stay and his own, personalized blanket. Shows they know what’s what and who’s who!

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