Mike and Poozy


Today’s featured man and cat is Mike and Poozy – or rather, a represenation of Poozy. Mike, the man behind the Infinite Cat project, says “My girlfiend of lo these many years created, for my birthday, a textile-art version of a photograph I took of my cat, Poozy, playing ‘dress-up’ (see http://infinitecat.com/extras/poozy-do.html). I entered the art at the Texas State Fair and it won a blue ribbon. So the picture I’m sending you is of me at the fair in front of the winning artwork. As Poozy, in real life, is a just a black ball of fluff – this is about the best picture you’ll get of her anyway.”

Nice work! Menandcats.com agrees that it deserved the blue ribbon indeed.

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