5 thoughts on “Men Who Love Cats: More Compassionate?

  1. Mebbe, mebbe not. All I know is all the men in my family, to my knowledge, love cats. They’re pretty good guys, I’d say. And maybe there are some cat lovers who are “jerks”, but I’ve never met one.

  2. All the men I’ve know, who actually love cats in a real way (not just watching them play or treating them like toys) have been pretty compassionate people. Now, that said, it does not mean they are perfect. Compassion does not equal perfection. A compassionate man may just as quickly cheat on you (example) because he is swept away by his compassion for someone else.. But typically, if a guy is willing to love cats–an intricate species that requires time and devotion, he will usually be open emotionally (or poetic and sappy). However, a man’s man–in my opinion, seems like he is unwilling to like cats or is unwilling to admit it because everyone knows Men love dogs. right?

    just a long thought.. because I know a lot of men who loves cats and they are all very different, yet they do seem to have figured something out.. lol

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